It's about that time...

Well gang, it has been a good run...5 years and some months in change.

I have decided I am over blogging.  It has become just another "thing" on my long list of things to do and even with that I am not very good at keeping it updated. 

I think we are headed to Facebook updates for our family!

We'll see ya there:)
Thanks for reading!


almost a year

I know we all say it but I really cannot believe it has been almost year since Ruby Sue was born. 

She says mama.  She is a fairly picky eater already.  She is not walking but is close.  She loves to be held.  She loves Siena and is a bit careful around Sawyer.  She takes two naps.  She is cautious and quite the observer.  Loves sleeping in her crib. 

I love you Scooby!


water play

 I have been slow to blog...mainly because something happened to my pictures where I cannot upload them to blogger from iPhoto.

A few weeks back it rained and rained and so in order to get Sawyer out of the house for his daily exercise we put on our rain boots and headed out to play in the puddles.  I don't know why this feels so hard to do in the moment--getting everyone dressed (or keep them in the pajamas) putting on boots, finding puddles, taking off boots and wet clothes, getting out new dry clothes( oh that's why)...but they loved it!

We also took a field trip to the downtown LA old fire station. We sprayed the hose, rode in the fire engine with sirens full blast, tried on fire gear, ate lunch with the firemen and slid down a fire pole.  Not bad!  We brought Malyn with us and she said she was going to tell her dad she wanted him to be a fireman...who knows maybe he will be!


A new perspective

My little MichaelAngelo.


Christmas in the city

 We have had a great Christmas break so far.  Christmas Eve was one of the lowest tides of the year and we were able to catch star fish and crabs and all sorts of neat shells.  The kids ran around and we all enjoyed the 70 degree weather.
look at how far out the water is...(Ruby is in the stroller).
 Erik and I ran in the Christmas Venice run together.  We had gracious friends who watched our kids for us so that we could run it.
 We had Santa come down our street and ask Siena and Sawyer what they wanted for Christmas...after Siena said "I don't think that was Santa I think that was just a man"  hmmm...the time may be coming when we have to tell her the truth.  
 We got some Svendsen family pictures in!!
 And had the BEST carnitas in the world--I truly truly look forward to them every year at this Christmas party. Erik and I were beside ourselves salivating when we got there.  First ones in line:)


Birth Order.

Not having any siblings, the dynamics between kids and their birth order traits fascinates me. I want to read a book (any recommendations?) I did a bit of research on first born girls and this is what I found on first born girls:

 My firstborn.  Weighing in at 5 pounds 10 oz, three and a half weeks early.  She is 4 1/2 now and exhibits all the traits typical firstborns do. 

"Mentally focused and physically strong, the first born girl presents a powerful physical presence. She gathers and preserves the family, sometimes overpowering others with her confidence and driving sense of responsibility. What a strong little girl and incredible woman this birth order position is! As she grows, she will start to tell her mother what to do. Control is her natural gift and also her greatest weakness."

 My number 2.  Weighing in at 6 pounds 4 oz he will be three in just a few short months.  Here is what I found on second born children BUT first born boys (VERY interesting):

" No 2 does not like to be told what to do or controlled in any way, especially by his older sister. With this child, asking rather than telling achieves the best results. Privacy is an important issue for a No 2. They need his/her own room, own thoughts, feelings and direction. 

Also interesting... "The No 1 boy tends to have a gentle and detached mind. He often appears detached, as if in a mental fog...A first born son usually feels a greater connection with his mother and at times may clash with his father."


Our number 3.  Weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz.  She is our third born BUT ALSO second born girl.  She is just starting to show signs of who she will be.  I find her to be the most alert of all our babies, extremely serious and aware of her surroundings.  This is what I found on third borns, but second born girls:

"The third child after a first-born girl has wisdom past her years with an intense sense of justice and integrity. This child is mentally and physically oriented and has a natural ability to be a teacher or a healer. Firm and caring, she creates a sense of belonging and unity with all those with whom she comes into contact."


These days...

These days,

Siena loves books, The Magic School Bus cartoon, edemame,  twirly dresses, telling knock knock jokes, pre-school, writing practice, sleeping on the floor of our bedroom.

Sawyer loves Elmo, food, food, food, snails, digging in the dirt, Halloween stuff, his "papa", talking on the phone, bubbles, his monkey his sleeps with

Ruby loves pears and oatmeal, being where the action is, rocking back and forth on all fours, Sophie her giraffe, sleeping in her crib